Your brand is so much more than a logo
(although we do those too!)

When develop brands for our clients, we don’t like to just guess. So we use all the “stuff” we found out during the strategy process and use it to create your living, breathing brand.

As we have already said (and will probably say many times in the future), your brand is so much more than a logo, much more than a strap line. They make up your part of your brand and are usually the end result of the brand development process.

Aeroplane-LeftWhether you are launching a new business or want to revitalise your current brand and marketing, we can create a distinctive visual and written brand for your business, and ensure it, and your messaging, are consistently employed in all your marketing activity.

This is where we get creative and get your business flying!

Your lovely, shiny new brand will give you everything you need to create a tactical marketing plan and a range of fantastic marketing materials you will need to execute it. The brand development process includes:

  • Understanding your strategic objectives, your target market and their drivers, your core business values and your product or service offering
  • Brand positioning, communication personality and style, and key marketing messages (this is how brand looks, feels and sounds)
  • Visual Brand Identity (this is your logo, fonts and colours etc)

The next step really is to get that tactical plan in place and start putting together all the things you need to communicate your new brand.

If you would like to talk about branding then just get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat through your thoughts.

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