Who We Work With

It’s not so much who, as how.

DonughtsBut we do get asked this question a lot because people like to know that we have experience with their type of business, in their type of industry.

But if we are totally honest (which we usually are) it doesn’t really matter if we have worked with your type of business or industry before or not. And yes, the doughnuts are meant to express different types of businesses and industries.

What we say to those that ask this question, is that the fundamentals of marketing stay the same. So does our level of commitment, creativity and insight. Just like how you go about eating a doughnut doesn’t change.

No one can be an expert in all things, and we really don’t want to be a jack of all trades, and this is why we work in partnership with our clients.

Working together,
combining expertise

We rely on them for their expertise in their business and industry, and the rely on us for our expertise in marketing and creative work. Put together, and with everyone doing what they do best, the results speak for themselves.

Of course, we love getting to know new businesses, and learning about new industries (and eating new doughnuts), it’s what keeps the variety coming in and our jobs interesting. But you want us for our expertise and experience in marketing.

And that we do know about – how we apply this in each particular case is just the icing and sprinkles – the doughnut underneath stays the same. (“Tasty” metaphor huh?)

If you want to speak to someone about if we can work with you or not, then just get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a chat about your business and your requirements.

Drop us a line: info@cornerstone-marketing.co.uk