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  • Lost your way?

    We'll guide you in the right direction

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  • Going in circles?

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We LOVE helping businesses work out their marketing direction…

Arrow-StraightWe are a small marketing consultancy that specialises in developing strategic marketing plans, competitive brands and creative ideas for our clients. It’s what we call giving them “marketing direction”.

Because we believe marketing should be at the very heart of your business, we know it drives everything you do. And if you are heading in the right direction you’ll see your marketing succeed and your business grow.

Arrow-SteppedYou see, it’s not just about a logo, a website, a brochure or social media (although we do all those things and more), it’s about having a real understanding of your business and how to market it to your customers.

With a marketing strategy, a marketing plan, a competitive brand and compelling marketing messages and materials, you will have a business, product or service your potential customers can’t wait to buy.

We’re based in West Sussex but we work with clients all across Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, London and the rest of South East England.

We LOVE the power of business marketing, and by working with us, we know you will too!

So get in touch. We’re here to point your marketing in the right direction.